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Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters

After speculation and hype behind it, the name of the second mini-expansion for Path of Exile in 2014 is now revealed to be Forsaken Masters. It shall follow up on the success of Sacrifice of the Vaal that was uploaded earlier this year, and it has a lot to live up to at this point in adding more new stuff to gameplay and story of Path of Exile. It is slated for a mid-August release, which is very near from now, and the PoE community is excited about what is about to go down.

This new mini-expansion is mostly about the eponymous Masters, which are characters that will train and give new stuff to players. This concept is built upon the updated design philosophy that Grinding Gear Games have taken upon in order to come up with even more new content for this game, which is already full of features and content throughout its development.

Grinding Gear Games had five all-encompassing goals during development of this mini-expansion. The first one was to add new content that supplements the whole of Path of Exile, all of which are available for even low level players in the first playthrough at Normal difficulty. They also aimed to have all of the new content be available in end-game maps as well so that those who are well ahead can also have something to look forward to.

The crafting options were also made better while still making it not easy to get the really good Path of Exile items at the same time. After that, they wanted to rebalance a game to make it play better across the board, like fixing snapshotting and putting up the updated passive tree. Finally, they wanted to add new content that is both interesting for the hardcore players and fun for those who log in from time to time.

Much of these goals were accomplished through the addition of the Masters, which you can do Master leveling from. This is done through combinations of different events through missions. Two of these Masters have been announced so far through the official forums, and there are five more to go, each with their own missions and such.

When you are playing in normal difficulty, Masters first come up two at a time in each act, and then they become available in succeeding difficulties, even in end-game maps. These Masters can give you missions that can be completed in order to do Master Leveling.

Upon completing a mission that was given by a Master, you earn reputation and favour; the former of which is like experience and is the basis of the level of that Master with a max of 8 levels, and the latter is more like currency for buying decorations for your own Hideout.

You can encounter a Master randomly within Wraeclast while playing, after which you can then receive a mission from within that area. While you can get as many missions as you can from that, the Reputation you earn is smaller than what you get from Daily Missions, which can be assigned by Masters who are in your Hideout.

More details will be revealed as the release date for Forsaken Masters draws near, so a bit of patience and preparation will go a long way for Path of Exile enthusiasts everywhere.


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