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Path of Exile: How to Increase FPS (Decrease Lag)

Laggy gameplay and poor or low FPS rates suck, for any online game, period. Whether you're playing shooters, driving, sports or an RPG online, these things usually add frustration and dissatisfaction towards the game, and in a worst case scenario, death or a loss.

Follow these steps to improve your FPS and decrease lag:

1. Open the Path of Exile folder (depends on where you installed your game, default is Documents> My Games for Windows 8 and Program Files for Windows 7)

2. Open <production_Config.ini>, if Windows asks you what program to use to open the file, click Notepad and it should open the file

3. Look for (or press CTRL+F on your keyboard, type in DISPLAY, hit Enter)

4. Under the DISPLAY section, you would see the GPU cards being used by POE, depending on how many GPU cards you have on your computer, look for the GPU card that POE uses (if you're not sure which one, run POE, go to Options and take note of the GPU card indicated).

5. Check the settings listed below, if it’s different from the list, just edit it:

texture_quality=1 (you may set to 5, the higher it is, the lower quality graphics would be displayed but the higher frames you would get)

6. Save the <production_Config.ini> then close it, try running POE and it should have a higher FPS and lower lag now.

A few things you may want to consider as well improving the overall quality of POE:

1. Turn off Firewall software; some Firewalls actually make applications such as games go through a bottle-neck in terms of bandwidth for protection purposes. If you have a Firewall running, turn it off or if you have advanced knowledge of your Firewall software, open the ports that POE uses for improved latency.

2. Exit applications such as Torrents, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and other applications that constantly uses upload and download bandwidth.

3. Close browsers, Microsoft Office documents etc. This is applicable for older computers and/or 4GB RAM and below. These applications still use a fair amount of memory, which would give POE difficulty processing information, thus slowing down your computer.

Hope these tips and settings help you out! Happy gaming!


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  •  Path of Exile: How to Increase FPS (Decrease Lag)