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Path of Exile Items Worth Picking Up

The major element in Path of Exile, as with most action role-playing games, is farming for experience and loot as it forms the foundation of the gameplay. It takes up most of the time in playing the game, so there has to be some organization and optimization involved to take it to the next level.

That's where you have to pick with Path of Exile items you should be picking up and which you should pass up since you can't just pick up ever single thing that you see get dropped during your farming runs, then return to town more often to sort it all out before you get back to farming.

It's a big waste of time, especially if you're picking up mostly junk when you don't really need to. That's why you should have some sort of mental checklist that you can consult whenever you see something dropped by a monster or a chest of some sort. This is one of those things that you'll have to learn along the way when you play the game, but a comprehensive list shouldn't hurt at all.

Currency Items

Obviously, you'd want to pick up whatever is counted as money in the game, which are the currency items that gets traded around in the game. They're basically crafting items that also count as currency, and you'd want as much of them as you can. If you can't carry them all in your inventory, do remember that you have a stash to store them in.

Rare Items

It's a good idea to keep rare items, especially higher level ones, since they have vendor recipes for valuable currency items. If you have a set of items that are all within a minimum item level, then you should be able to vendor them for either an Orb of Chance, Chaos Orb, or Regal Orb, depending on the said item level of all the items.

Unique Items

Of course these are worth picking up, whether they turn out to be useful to your character or not. If you don't end up using it, then you can still trade it for a good amount of currency items with another player. You should them learn how to make use of the trade chat by the time you are able to farm unique items and other such valuable items on a regular basis for good income.


Your active and support skills come from these gems, and they are of use to other people as well. If you find a particularly good one, then it's worth hanging on to. You can also level them up and then vendor them with a Gem Cutter's Prism for a gem with +quality that makes them even more valuable.

Many Others

There are so many other kinds of items that are worth picking up that are a bit harder to put into one category. There are those that give you at least 60 maximum life or 40 maximum mana, there are those with at least 60% increase to stats like armor and evasion, and many others. This is where you have to mostly get a feel for it yourself since you have to learn what items are best for you, whether they're weapons and armor or something else aside from those mentioned above. As long as you can make sure that you don't have to pick up whatever you don't want to and get what you do need, then it's all for the best.


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