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Path of Exile Lightning Strike Templar Build

There are countless possible builds with Path of Exile. Picking the right build for your play style could be difficult. Do you prefer to go toe-to-toe with monsters? Do you want an Exile who can endure a lot of punishment from mobs, uniques and bosses? Do big shields appeal to you? Does the lightning elemental tickle your fancy? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then the Lightning Strike Templar build is your best choice.

The Templar's starting point at the skill tree provides easy access to the following nodes:
Shield nodes
Mace nodes
Armor nodes
Lightning Elemental nodes

Thus, the Templar is the best class to pick for a melee/tank type of build in this case. Don抰 know how to start the build? Here are some pointers that should help you out:

1. Do not miss the 12% Melee Damage node, this is critical in establishing your Templar's offensive prowess. Keep on nabbing the Melee Damage nodes and Health boost nodes until you get Lightning Strike, the bread and butter of your offense until towards the end of the game

2. The 40% Mana Regen node should be acquired early on in the game as well; this should help your farming runs quicker and easier.

3. Start acquiring Armor, Shield and Mace nodes after about 20-30 points. By this point, your damage dealing potential should be stable and would be the perfect timing in making your Exile beefier and tougher.

As for equipment, it's pretty much straight forward: keep an eye out for weapons with a high % of physical damage, better if it comes along with additional lightning damage. Try to get the Brightbeak first to make things smooth as you progress towards your end game, where you must don the Mjolner, every mace wielding Exile's dream. As for armor, the higher the life, the more desirable it is, as it perfectly complements the Armor, Shield and Life nodes you got by levelling.

Talking about Skills, Lightning Strike and Wrath would be perfect. Lightning Strike makes quick work of mobs, thanks to the bolts it shoots out upon impact while Wrath raises your lightning damage and DPS further. Boss fights would require skills such as Heavy Strike which dishes out heavy damage but only for a single target. Switching between Lightning Strike to kill lesser monsters and Heavy Strike for the incoming unique or boss may determine your life or death.

This fun but very tough build should be enjoyable, try it out for some serious melee action and watch the sparks fly.


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