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Path of Exile – So You Just Started Playing Today

Path of Exile has been around for several years already, undergone updates and upgrades to encourage players to stick around and to win the hearts of gamers new to the franchise. To this day, there are still new players jumping on the bandwagon to get in on the action.

The online community of enthusiastic Path of Exile gamers has made this possible, by staying engaged in lively discussions on social media and by streaming their gaming sessions online. They post about every topic you can think of, from the pros and cons of the latest updates, the PoE items they find most useful, and most frequently, their character builds.

Like many action RPGs that precede it, Path of Exile boasts a wide range of characters, with utility ranging from highly versatile builds that can dominate a wide range of enemies, to niche builds whose skill sets are limited but manage to offer an entertaining challenge for players.

Some builds stand out more than others, and for a wide variety of reasons. Here are three extremely fun builds to get started:

1. Blade Vortex
Blade Vortex has been touted as one of the most dominant and versatile builds in Path of Exile, ever. Some players swear by this build, convinced that this build could do everything in the game. Blade Vortex is a spell that can be cast multiple of times, stacking along the way. Despite the fact that builds based on Blade Vortex are demanding in terms of the sheer volume of Path of Exile items needed to be effective, its dominance is scalable with the amount of gear accumulated, and remains a formidable build even after several updates have tried to contain its prowess.

2. Flameblast
Flameblast builds also come to mind as being popular, effective and useful even for beginning players. Casting builds such as Witch or Elementalist definitely benefit from using Flameblast, and are a real treat for players who enjoy using spells. Granted, these builds are not the easiest or the fastest, but despite some of these shortcomings, they make up for it in sheer fun. And the inherent challenge of playing characters that are strong (but not too strong) allows gamers plenty of room to grow along with these characters.

Flameblast is also available as a totem, but as such it is a less active form of the build as opposed to the more hands-on approach of casting it on your own.

3. Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer
Necromancer is a popular character build in many action RPGs, and Path of Exile is no exception. With this build and Summon Raging Spirits (SRS), you have a temporary horde of minions to attack enemies as well as zombies to aid in defending you against attackers. This comes in handy as you clear maps even at higher levels of difficulty.

As for summoning Spectres, many players don’t find them as enjoyable, especially since the summoning process has to be repeated at every login, and they can only be summoned at specific locations. Players find SRS a much more entertaining prospect, for obvious reasons.


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