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Path of Exile Tips: Make Use of the 20% Quality Gem Recipe

The online universe of PoE (acronym of Path of Exile) has been changed forever with this recently unearthed 20% quality gem recipe. If you want or need the capacity to cheaply and efficiently enhance your Path of Exile items and your character before they reach the end of the game, you must be familiar with what this important item can do.

For those who have yet to discover this recipe, it follows this formula:

1 Gem Cutter’s Prism (any vendor) + Any Gem that is Level 20 = Similar Gem with 20% Quality at Level 1.

Simply put, if you want your character to obtain 20% quality gems, make certain that you have games that are at least in Level 20. Here are some more guidelines that you can use to level up those extra gems while playing, the effective methods of power leveling the gems you have, and what gems will work with this recipe:

Leveling Extra Gems While Playing the Game

Quick tip: it is not necessary to apply support or skill gems for leveling. Your character does not even need to equip the gems to the weapon set! Because of the potential of level 20 gems and the new recipe for 20% quality gems, you will want to spend time and effort making them. This means that you have to carry a lot of these gems when you go questing and fighting. You may either take the popular gems and trade them later on for some other currency or equip the gems that you feel like using and apply the quality recipe before the end of the game.

A quick method of leveling up those extra gems while you quest is basically place them in your second weapon set via the sockets. They will still soak in experience points (XP) and they will not use the sockets that your build requires. If you play the game in the Normal difficulty setting, you can obtain two one-handed and 3-linked weapons and just use them to hold your gems for the entire game session.

The Effective Method of Farming Gem Levels

Keep in mind that the PC (Player character) can suffer from experience point penalties, but the support and skill gems do not have this problem.

The fact is that most players will not have the patience or time to farm for the XP of their gems, so it might be better for you to go on and progress through the game in your own leisure.

The quickest way to power level the skill gems is to look for and farm in a high level zone. Just be careful because the income of your normal experience will be affected by the penalties of the level.

If you are interested in making this recipe work, a good place to farm would be in Act 3 Merciless by The Docks because the grind to have gems go up to level 20 will just take a week or two. You should be able to clear The Docks at a fast rate.

If you are thorough and want to make sure that your gems are leveling up efficiently, get a calculator and some paper for this process:

1. Take note of the recent XP total of one of the gems you equipped in your POE items (try the gem that will not level yet).

2. Complete the zone that you are testing and document the time it took for you to finish, as well as the updated XP after the run.

3. Compute for the XP/h.

- Run time is a portion of 60 minutes (example: 1/12 hr = 5 minutes)

- Compute the XP difference [After XP – Prior XP] (example: 5, 000)

- Multiply the XP difference by the computed run speed (example: 5,000 x 12 = 60,000 XP/h)

4. Do this again for other zones so you can compare XP/h results.


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  •  Path of Exile Tips: Make Use of the 20% Quality Gem Recipe