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Path of Exile Update 2.5.0 Balance Changes

Among the new change in Path of Exile’s latest update, players tend to be concerned about whether the new update will have balance implications that would affect the way they play the game. These balance changes affect Path of Exile items, general mechanics, and individual skills. Here are some of the changes that the developers over at Grinding Gear Games sought to make with respect to balance.

As far as general balance changes, these are some of the modifications listed on the Grinding gear Games website. 1. All melee weapons have increased range, including Cyclone, which has an increased radius.

This would have interesting implications for Cyclone builds, golem and similar builds.

2. The experience progression of non-Zana has been made much more achievable.

Now it is 10% easier to graduate from level 5 to 6, 20% easier to graduate from 6 to 7, and 30% easier to reach level 8 from 7.

3. Several end-game monsters have been rebalanced, specifically those that did too little damage.

This has some implications for EVA as well as armor, and any monster changes affect the performance of Energy Shields.

4. Damage of the bosses in the Overgrown Ruin map as well as chaos Warband leaders has been reduced.

These aren’t big nerfs per se, and they do address plenty of concerns many players have voiced about overcoming these bosses.

5. Damage of the bosses in the Shipyard map, as well as lightning Warband leaders has been increased.

Shipyard bosses are notoriously difficult to defeat, and they can take out a wide range of builds. The map layout is very difficult for many players as it is. Since GGG decided to nerf the Overgrown Ruin bosses, perhaps they deemed it appropriate to buff the bosses of the Shipyard in a rebalancing effort.

6. Monster pack density in the Twilight Strand has been reduced.

This rebalancing game mechanic particularly affects new players, especially those who are still getting accustomed to acquiring PoE items, performing basic controls, buttons and other psychomotor tasks. Reducing Monster Pack density in Twilight also makes it more difficult for beginners to get Beginner’s Luck achievement.

7. With the exception of Totemic Mastery notable passive, Totem damage has been mostly increased, with physical damage reduction and totem attack as well as passive tree cast speed skills by up to 25%.

This is very good news, especially considering the issues of power creep that players have been criticizing for quite some time already.

8. All sources of totem elemental resistance in the passive tree have been doubled.

The Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance support gem has a multiplicative damage statistic, scaling from 10 percent at level 1 to 19% more elemental damage at Gem Level 20, a buff that many players will welcome.

9. Duration modifiers, whether multiplicative or additive, for bleeding effects behave the same, regardless of the cause (i.e. puncture or non-puncture reasons).

This has implications for the effectiveness of using EQ, since duration is positively correlated with effect.

10. Multiplicative skill effect duration modifiers are applied to poison from non-Viper Strike sources.

For practical purposes, this modification means that only skill effect duration will affect poison. Suffice it to say, it will be very interesting to see how these rebalancing efforts pan out in the days to come.


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