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Path of Exile Witch Build

The Witch is Path of Exile’s dedicated magic user. Capable of cutting down mobs with her offensive elemental spells while protecting herself with barriers to raise survivability. Another edge with the Witch class is her capability to cast various Disease and Curse spells, which makes it far more easier to slaughter monsters.

Various builds have been devised for the Witch, but we will discuss the most popular ones to help you decide if the Witch and her arsenal of offensive and status spells are best for you:

1. Lightning Witch Build
A. Emphasizes heavily on Lightning Elemental spells such as Lightning Arc, Storm Call and Lightning Warp for offense.
B. Perfect for PVE, Arc has 100% hit chance and bounces from one monster to the next, Storm Call can obliterate bosses given the proper nodes, links and equipment.
C. Decoy Totem adds a layer of survivability for your Witch.
D. Cons: relies heavily on Mana which means you must have Mana Regen focused equipment such as Atziri's Foible Paua Amulet. Arc may bounce off barrels and boxes too instead of monsters so cast your spells carefully.

2. Summoner Witch Build
A. Ever dreamed of summoning an entire army to do the dirty work for you? This is your build.
B. Goes through mobs quicker compared to the first build.
C. Discipline and Purity of Elements acts as the cornerstone of your defense.
D. Cons: building your Zombie, Raging Spirit, Skeleton and Spectre strength takes a lot of time through Skills. Equipment with boosts to Energy Shield are a must and very expensive.

3. Fire Witch Build
A. Almost similar in terms of movement and strategy as the Lightning Witch Build.
B. Fire Storm is at your disposal, one of the best AoE spells available in the game.
C. Relies on the same defensive options as the Summoner Witch Build.
D. Currently more difficult to handle due to low Vitality, Fire build requires more skills and nodes aimed to boost Fire damage.

Always remember that all these builds have one thing in common: careful positioning and casting of spells. Your offensive spells should not be used as a panic button like those found in Melee builds. Casting spells too quickly or early may put you in a position where mobs cornered or surrounded you and your spells are all on cooldown.


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