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Path of Exile Zero Duelist Build

Before the game was officially released, a lot of people were exclaiming about how melee builds were not viable in the long term and were suicidal in gameplay compared to ranged and spellcasting characters, which is a classic argument in role-playing games. Certainly, this has to be far from the truth as Path of Exile is not without its balance and viability of all character classes.

The doubters who kept raving about their ranged and magical characters soon met up with karma and had their auras and Blood Magic nerfed to the depths of hell upon Path of Exile's official release. All of a sudden, it's an even playing field again and melee characters didn't look so bad anymore. Plenty of melee builds were born from this need to prove that close range characters are strong and useful in this game, and that's where the Zero Duelist comes in.

You can also call it a Blender when it uses Cleave, although the end result should be more focused on Double Strike. As with melee builds in this game though, you will need decent Path of Exile items in order to make the build really work.


The Zero Duelist has incredibly fast attack speed, which gives this build high DPS and effectiveness with active skills such as Double strike and so on. It means that you can get up to an insane 24 hits per second when using Double Strike, which is the main strength of the Zero Duelist. Combine that with high life and defense to give you what is perhaps the best melee character for leveling and farming, combining Life On Hit with splash damage for surivivability.

You do need the Blood Magic gem to make this build work so that you don't have to worry about mana at all during combat, and that's a good thing. High regeneration should offset the cost of Double Strike and Chaos Damage Over Time that you may encounter in maps, so long as you get to attack.

Finally, this build is great for both solo and group play, and it's immune to Physical and Elemental Reflect.


You can do three things to level the Zero Duelist. First off, use Cleave until you can start using Double Strike with Melee Splash to kill multiple enemies quickly. If you encounter those with high life pool or energy shield, you can then use Viper Strike to deliver extra damage.

While you're leveling, stay vigilant of your surroundings and keep an eye on your health. If your life does get low, then attack a group of enemies to leech and replenish health quickly or escape and kite them until you can manage them again.


You must first get Grace in order to get a boost in armor. Once you get Reduced Mana, you can then get the second aura Determination to more than double your armor rating.

Skill Arrangement

Take skills like Viper Strike at level 20, Cast When Damage Taken at level 1, Enfeeble at level 1 to 3, Enduring Cry at level 5, Leap Slam at level 1, Flame Totem at whatever level you wish, Blind at level 17 minimum, Grace at level 20, Determination at level 20, and Reduced Mana at level 20. That may seem complicated, but they're merely the boosts you need to form the backbone of this build.

The powerhouse of the build is through the primary skill layout, led by Double Strike and Melee Splash at level 20; as well as Life Gain On Hit, Blood Magic, Multistrike, and Faster Attacks all at level 20. You don't really need quality on non-specified gems, but it sure would help.


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