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Real Life Hardcore Play Style: Player Deaths because of Diablo 3

We all know how it goes. Some gamer dies because of playing a certain game too much. Families and friends then blames the game, due to demonic influences, addictive game aspects, etc. The problem is, it's not really the game that kills them, right? Or is it?

Diablo 3 has its fair share of problems like this. 2 guys already were inducted into the High Heaven's hall of fame, for real.

Russel Shirley case - Many articles online already reported that a 32-yr old guy who played the game for 3 straight days died of a heart attack. He died while playing a marathon session, taking a 3-day leave from work. 

Chuang case - A Taiwanese teenager that was just identified by his surname "Chuang" was reported to have died while playing the game for 40 hours straight in an internet cafe. Sources say that the boy was found sleeping by an attendant, and after waking him up, he moved a few steps then collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, but was sadly announced as dead upon arrival.


 Hardcore death

So sad. We remembered them for the wrong reasons.


These cases prove that Blizzard really knows how to get people hooked. Seriously, and addictively hooked. But the games themselves don't kill these guys. It's weird lifestyles like these do. Like, wow, a 40 hour session? 3 day marathon? I mean, I'm a gamer myself but I sure don't heck glue myself to the seat . Then again, I thought up some things that might lead to more of these deaths, and found it alarming that the game is partly responsible for deaths like these. So I've set-up some point s to remember so you can evade Diablo's grasp on your life.


Character leveling - Since the Diablo franchise made the concept of leveling up your character a core concept of the game, a lot of gamers do extreme challenges to themselves on who can get to level 60 in less than a week. Challenges like these often result in a very powerful character and a very dead player, all in seven days.


 level 60

"Now I can die happy. Wait who's that dude in black over there."


Solution: Freakin' enjoy the game! For crying out loud, the game isn't a quick walk in the park; it's meant to be enjoyed for its entirety.  Don' try to rush the game, it's not a marathon. If you really can't catch up with your friends' levels due to your "work hard" policy, but you still want to "play harder", opt in for some power-leveling services like some people do. Or let your trusted friends pilot your account for awhile. That way, you won't need to mess with your system and kill yourself trying to catch up with your pals.


Item Hunting and Gold Farming - Of course, your level 60 Barbarian won't be that strong if it doesn't have anything to wear. So a lot of people often farm like hell, which when it goes wrong, sends them to heaven. Yeah sure, grinding and farming are part of Diablo 3's fun points, but remember, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye", or in this case, your life.


 horadric hamburger

Would you really want to die for this?


Solution: There are many ways to go about this one.

  • Save up, don't buy anything you don't need. Treat the game like real life, and don't just buy anything and everything you don't need. Don't be tempted to buy a high level mace with good stat rolls if you are a Demon Hunter.
  • Farm right. There are legit farming spots in every game, and your job is to know them. Who drops good gear? Where do they spawn? How much gold do I need? How much damage must I deal before I can kill a high HP boss that drops my item? Plan first, then unleash terror and get those items the right way.
  • Get gold from legit sources. Some people sell gold, we all know that. If you have the resource, then we have your Diablo 3 gold source. Don't push yourself to farm so much just to prove that you are a hardcore gamer, just pace yourself right and let others do it for you.


These are just some reasons you need to watch out for, if you don't want to end up like the guys above.  If you guys like this article, subscribe to our newsletter to get update on our blog posts and news, or follow us on Twitter at @lewt.


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