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Players Speak About Diablo III vs Path of Exile


Ever since Blizzard introduced the highly addictive and highly influential hack-and-slash action RPG Diablo to the video game world back in 1997 to resounding critical and commercial success, there have been many other companies that have tried to capture the same magic. Although there have been some notable ones that follow the basic formula like Dungeon Siege and Torchlight, none of have yet to ever top Blizzard’s multimillion dollar-selling franchise.


Diablo III, for all the flak it seems to get from some parts of the community, is still the top dog in the ARPG genre. According to the game’s former director Jay Wilson back in March’s Game Developers Conference, about one million players log in every day to play Diablo III.  


With that many loyal players fighting their way through the world of Sanctuary despite a year marred with technical issues and controversies, what other game could even hope to get a bigger slice of the ARPG market pie?


Now that the industry has become more and more welcoming for indie developers, it’s not that much of a surprise to see that the latest challenger to Diablo’s throne would come from a small independent studio called Grinding Gear Games based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Path of Exile has been in development since the company’s founding in 2006, but it was only made available to the public through the open beta stage last January of this year. Despite only being around for a couple of months as a basically unfinished product, it has already amassed an impressive following, reaching 2 million registered players back in March.


Fandoms Fight!

To understand just how Path of Exile stacks up against the king of the hill Diablo III, it’s better to just get it straight from the people who have played both games and can deliver a simple yet reasonable comparison.


One jilted D3 player with the online handle Michael Durfee complained that the third game was overpriced for its quality, did not have a real community, and the Real Money Auction House causes a lot of shenanigans. Another named Austin Stewart replied to the comment, laughing at his belief that the game is only for the rich, considering the best items can simply be bought in the aforementioned RMAH.


Adolph Evans, Milford Perez, and Andrew Meadows echoed the sentiment, saying that the general consensus is that D3 is for people who can afford to play, referring to the expensive high-level gear in the RMAH yet again.


On the other hand, William Bennett brought up the defense that D3 is good because of the fact that it sold millions of copies. DJ Franz countered by saying using high sales as a metric for quality is flawed, bringing up the divisive pop star Justin Beiber as an example.


Path of Exile had more positive buzz with a couple of players simply saying that it has better gameplay.


Blade Master mentioned PoE’s open beta state as a plus because it lets the developers implement changes with the help of direct feedback from players.


Titus Fitz referred to Grinding Gears Games’ efforts of improving gameplay as well as PoE being free-to-play.


Over at Gamespot’s forums, users Walker_Real and Leapinglizy broke it down with pros and cons for both games.


For Walker_Real, he also stated deeper gameplay along with a more welcoming community as advantages for PoE. He did say that the game isn’t at par with D3 aesthetically, and there isn’t much variety to the skills.


On the flipside, D3 is just more visually pleasing with amazing graphics, animations and designs according to him. Of course, that’s only expected from a AAA game with millions of dollars in the production budget. The tradeoff is shallower gameplay, unfortunately.


Leapinglizy isn’t as harsh in his judgment of D3. Like Walker_Real, he gives the edge to D3 in the graphics department. He did give the nod to PoE for sound because of its effective use in creating a dark atmosphere.


In the more important aspects, he was fairer in saying that D3 appeals to the casual crowd more while PoE is made for the “hardcore gamers”. This manifests in the difficulty, the pacing and the item trading systems for both games.



Although the fan reaction here heavily favors PoE with some important points to back up the praises and complaints, it’s important to note that this isn’t indicative of the opinions of the entire player population of both games. If you think the up-and-comer PoE deserves to get more recognition over D3, or if you think D3 warrants its huge audience and gets too much hate, sound off in the comments section!


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