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The 2 Big Things to Expect in Path of Exile Awakening

There have been quite a few expansions since the official release of Path of Exile, but this one is quite different. As with most expansions, it's all about the new content like new enemies, new areas, and new Path of Exile items. However, being the biggest expansion thus far, The Awakening is the biggest yet by a huge margin. Grinding Gear Games have been more ambitious than ever this time around with this new update, and expectations are set at a high bar.

For those who may have left the game but are still interested in returning, then this is the best time to do so. This expansion should introduce a lot of new cool stuff while fixing a lot of the problems that may have set it back as the best free-to-play online role-playing game available right now.

Here are the things to expect in the Awakening.

Elimination of Desync

Perhaps the biggest reason why players leave Path of Exile is the prevalence of desync due to the system employed by the game to communicate between the clients and the servers. When the network connection during a gmae started to go off-kilter even by a bit, it would sometimes result in a desync, which then resulted in many a dead hardcore character.

The system was put in place by Grinding Gear Games to mitigate hacking, but it did have that big downside. In response to the once-longstanding complaint, that system has now been replaced by Lockstep, which works with latency to do pretty much the same job. You can choose between Predictive and Lockstep mode in the options, so you don't have to worry about dying due to desync ever again.

But then again, the main concern with Lockstep is that since it works with latency, it could be laggy. However, Grinding Gear Games has since acquired even more servers to mitigate this potential problem. So even if Lockstep does present a bit of a problem, it will have as minimal of an impact on gameplay as possible.

Act 4

Finally, the fourth act of the Path of Exile story has finally been put in. You can now go past Dominus and into the new home area that is Highgate. In the western part of Highgate, there is a gate kept closed by something called Deshket's Seal, which must be keeping in something important.

Then there's "The Beast", and he is exactly as scary as the name sounds. He is described as "a nightmare incarnate" who eats the souls of his prey. He has corrupted just about everything in Wraeclast, and you will have to get to him. But before that, you will have to go through a multitude of battles with bosses you have faced previously.

There are a total of 9 epic boss fights in this new act, including a multi-stage final boss fight that can blow Dominus out of the water. There should be new mechanics and other features that will make these even more difficult that before.


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