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Tips for Making Videos About Path of Exile

Recently, Grinding Gear Games came up with their video-making event that is having the Path of Exile community create videos related to the game and submit them for a chance to win awesome prizes. The videos that have been submitted to Plays.tv thus far have been great, and there should be more on their way. For those who are new to the whole video thing, but are looking to try it out for themselves to either creatively express themselves or just show off their in-game duds, then here are some tips on how to make good Path of Exile videos.

Build Videos

Perhaps the most interesting and comprehensive video you can make is one that shows off your character build, similar to the Build of the Week videos that Grinding Gear Games usually puts out. If you are an avid Path of Exile player, you should be familiar with the build you are currently using and should be able to explain it at great detail, including in what situations it is best and worst at, as well as the Path of Exile items needed to complete the build. If you can't think of anything else to make, then perhaps you should start there.

Boss Run Videos

You can also make a highlight video of you doing boss runs. It can feature the most exciting parts of your run, from the mistakes and mishaps to the triumphs and rewards. You can also feature the strategies and tactics you personally use in the game, PoE items you utilize, along with the character build you use, what bosses you like to go after, and the loot you get afterwards. If you can handle it, you can have audio commentary during gameplay or even a face cam. But if you are the type of gamer who can't talk while playing, then you can just add narration afterwards. Take note that if you are to make a highlight video, there is going to be some video editing. Posting the entire run may be a bit too long, especially for this event.

How to Make Path of Exile Videos

Path of Exile itself has livestreaming support, so you can just stream your gameplay and take the recording from the broadcast to edit in Twitch.tv before somehow getting the video so you can post it in Plays.tv, which can be a bit long-winded. If you are going to be serious about making gameplay videos anyway, you would use a capture program. Fraps is good if you have a large hard drive to keep the video files.

If you need something with a bit more compression but still easy enough to use and free, then you can get Open Broadcaster Software for both streaming and recording (although not both at the same time). If you have cash to spare, then you can get a license for Xsplit, which is perhaps the most versatile streaming and recording program out there. You can stream and record with Xsplit at the same time, which is a very convenient feature.

That is only the start of making gameplay videos about Path of Exile. With a bit of practice and a lot of guts, you can make some high-quality video content from Path of Exile that the community can appreciate.


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