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Top 5 Keystone Passive Skills in Path of Exile

The unique passive skill system in Path of Exile is something that gets beginners and even some more experienced players confused due to its perceived complexity, but there are a few things that you can keep in mind in order to understanding it better. For instance, you can take the keystones into consideration as they are the cornerstones of any character build in the game, so you just have to understand what they are and how they synergize with everything else to fully understand what you should do with your characters' progression.

Keystone passives are a big part of the character build, just like how Path of Exile items and other aspects help optimize it on the way to the end game. Before you get your target gear and everything else, you must first get your keystones right to have a power character in Path of Exile, and here are five of the best in the game.

Iron Reflexes

Dexterity-based characters would usually wear gear that gives them evasion instead of armour, and that's all well and good as it adds to defense as well. However, having some evasion and some armour means that their defense stats are mostly half-baked. In the long run, armour has more efficacy in the long run unless you have a ton of evasion to go with.

That's where Iron Reflexes come in, which converts all of your evasion rating into armour so that it all adds up to one defense stat to survive it all. Also, if you have taken keystones that make you unable to evade attacks, such as Unwavering Stance, then this keystone is a must for your character to ensure survivability.

Resolute Technique

This is a very useful keystone as it raises your chance to hit to 100%, ignoring all accuracy stats of the attacker and evasion stats of the enemy. The only drawback is that your critical chance will always be 0%, so this is for builds that don't make use of critical damage at all, which there are plenty of anyway.

Since elemental damage can't critically strike anymore with this keystone, you'll have to find other ways to hit elemental status ailments onto enemies. Active skills like Glacial Hammer and Burning Arrow have their own chance to inflict elemental status ailments, and other skills like Conductivity can also do the same without needing critical damage.

Unwavering Stance

As aforementioned, Unwavering Stance prevents you from evading attacks, which may make this keystone seem useless. However, it does make you impervious to being stunned, which is its main purpose. Getting stunned in the middle of a fight with a mob can be an instant death sentence, especially if you're a melee character.

That's why this keystone is absolutely necessary for melee characters that depend more on being tanky than being evasive. It goes well with Iron Reflexes if you happen to wear gear with evasion ratings.

Iron Grip

This keystone is for ranged characters that use bows and other projectile attacks. Iron Grip grants +0.2 melee damage per Strength point, which is then converted to ranged damage. If you want some extra mustard with every shot from your Ranger or any other ranged character, then this keystone is a big part of your character build.

Eldritch Battery

If you don't care much for your energy shield and just need more mana, then this keystone is great for your magic character as it gives you that extra amount of juice to cast spells with. The concept behind it is that of a glass cannon, sacrificing defense for more offensive capability, as shown in the keystone's flavor text.


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