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Speaking of the Devil: Why Gamers Got Hooked on Diablo III

In the middle of 2012, gamers and fans alike treated the unveiling of the much-awaited online game Diablo III as if it were Christmas morning. They counted the days until the release of the third installment to this successful franchise, and when it did, all hell broke loose as gamers tried to get their hands on a pack of Diablo III.


A decade after the second instalment was released, Blizzard Entertainment resurrected the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hell, which then gave birth to more exciting hours of gaming. With better visuals and more challenging combats, to say that its fans got hooked yet again would be an understatement.


Here are the top reasons why Diablo III is addictive and why avid gamers can’t get their hands off it:


Reason #1: Superb Story

The thing that sets the Diablo franchise apart from many online games is its gripping story. This was proven by plenty of reviews made by gamers who exhausted all the fun they could get out of Diablo III.


Its story is surprisingly simplistic—heaven versus hell, with humans caught in between—but it introduced new plots that gamers would truly appreciate and feel excited about. Diablo III takes off at the salvaged Sanctuary, twenty years after Archangel Tyrael saved it by destroying Worldstone. Nevertheless, a new mayhem unfolds as impending demonic invasions brew and Sanctuary yet again has to defend itself from destruction.


Reason #2: Great Graphics

With many years in the making, Diablo III was able to make the best of 3D technology as the sequel was rendered in stunning graphics. Be it the characters, the surroundings, or the gore, the makers of Diablo III were able to make it visually stunning as if straight from the silver screen, if not better. And you can enjoy it minus the blue-and-red glasses.


Reason #3: Amazing Audio

Diablo III also assured gamers a complete and excellent gaming experience as the developers paired the three-dimensional graphics with awesome audio. Aside from tossing in prominent voice actors, such as Robin Atkin-Downes, Crispin Freeman, and Dorian Harewood, Diablo’s latest baby features a theatric surround sound which adds another dimension to its overall appeal.


Reason #4: Rip-roaring Replays

While there were some who criticize how easy Diablo III can be finished, those who have explored every nook and cranny of the game enjoyed the adventures that awaited them. To fully appreciate the game, hardcore gamers discovered and rediscovered its wealth of paths and journeys, thus unravelling what will happen when all the moves have been done. And since mastering it requires practice, players burned hours leaving no stone unturned.


Reason #5: Emotionally Exhilarating

Gamers are categorically geeks in their own right, but they are not exempted from discerning emotion whenever its presence is in the game. Diablo III has made a lot of players feel good about themselves simply because they earn a sense of gratification when rewarded during the course of completing each quest.


As for some players, Diablo III serves as an ideal outlet to release pent-up emotions (e.g. wanting to kill minus the moral dilemma). Plus, the complexity of the game boosts their critical thinking and agility of the mind which then translates to self-confidence.


Diablo III: One Hell of a Game

Aside from the mentioned characteristics the game has, it also has a number of special features as if it can’t stop itself from being devilishly awesome.


First, new characters were introduced, such as the Monk class which effectively combines the use of martial arts and healing magic. Another is its interactive environments where players can use anything to help them kill their enemies. Lastly, Diablo III is made hotter with its unique resource systems which help players control their characters and respective skills better.


With the truckload of awesomeness Diablo III has, it’s not a surprise that players are glued to their seats and lose count of the clicks they made, as they help the Archangels save Sanctuary from the clutches of the Prime Evils.


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